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Top 10 sleeping pills

Sleeping pills are recommended to treat chronic insomnia. They can be divided into five groups including; Antihistamines, melatonin and herbal remedies. Here is a list of the top ten sleeping pills. 1. Kirkland sleep aid – the active ingredient is Doxylamine succinate 25mg. It induces sleep and maintains the cycle throughout the night. 2. Unisom sleep gels – these sleeping pills belong to the Antihistamine group of drugs. Consuming them very often will lead to overdependence. 3. Natrol melatonin – it contains the active ingredient Melatonin 5 mg. There is no risk of over dependence in taking this drug.

4. Luna sleep aid – these sleeping pills contain different active ingredients like Magnesium, herbal mixtures and different Amino acids. 5. Zenwise lab – these sleeping pills contains different ingredients like herbal mixtures and melatonin. It is beneficial in inducing sleep. 6. Vitafusion sleep well – the active ingredient is herbal mixtures and melatonin. It does not maintain the sleep cycle though. 7. Kalms One-A-night – these sleeping pills are herbal remedies and contains the Valerian extracts. It does not lead to over dependence in any way. 8. Lunexia – it contains ingredients like vitamin B6, calcium and a sleep blend. It induces sleep, in addition to maintaining it throughout the night. 9. MidNite – these sleeping pills produce sleep and support the rest. The main ingredients are a herbal mixture and melatonin.

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10. Stress relax tranquil – the active ingredient is Suntheanine 200 mg and melatonin. It is one of the sleeping pills that relieves pressure for better sleep throughout the night.