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The Top 10 Best Episodes on Game of Thrones - Quiz coming soon on this

If you are into watching TV series, you must have bumped into the popular TV series, Game of Thrones. The fantasy drama TV series has not only received international recognition but has been acclaimed by critics the world over. The final season of the popular series which premiered on April 14th had a lot of captivating episodes across its seasons that kept fans thrilled time and again. We highlight the 10 best episodes that kept fans begging for more. Fourth Episode, Season 7 Titled as the Spoils of war, the fourth episode of season 7 was not only a masterpiece but kept fans glued to their TV screens because of the intense and bruising duel between Jaime and Daenerys. The title of the episode is informed by the Lannisters being in possession of Tyrell Gold after they took over Highgarden. Apart from the battle scenes, other highlights of the season included the interaction between Arya and Brienne after Arya returned to Winterfell. The conversation between Daenerys and Jon at Dragonstone was also captivating. Though one of the shortest episodes, the storyline nailed it.

2. Tenth Episode, Season 6 Dubbed “The Winds of Winter”, episode ten is the last of season 6 in Game of Thrones. Key characters featured in this episode include Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow, Daenerys and Arya Stark. In the episode’s plot, Cersei is seeking to eliminate all her close enemies with one swift blow after becoming queen. Also, the future appears promising for Jon Snow as lords in the Northern houses declare him king in the North. He also gets to be confirmed as the legitimate son of Lyanna Stark. On the other hand, Daenerys Targaryen sets off to Westeros in the company of Tyrion Lannister. As always, Daenerys moves with her three dragons, her whole army, the Tyrells and the Sand Snakes. Other events in the show include the arrival of Samwell Tarly at the citadel. This 70-minute episode is counted among the best and had a viewership of 8.89 million in the U.S alone in its initial broadcast. Highlights of season 6, episode 10 feature Daenerys moving to Westeros, the performance of Lena Headey and Arya revenging on the Freys. 3. Tenth Episode, Season 4 This episode is referred to as “The children”. It’s the last episode of season ten and wraps it up with some emotional scene of Dany chaining her dragons heartbreakingly tprevent themem from killing innocent people. The episode also highlights the death of Shae. Shae met Tyrion Lannister when he chooses to take part in the “Battle of the Green Fork” as a member of the Vanguard. A one time fling between Shae and Tyrion takes a new twist when the latter is sent to King’s landing and made to act as the hand of the king. Disregarding his father's orders, Tyrion takes his mistress with him to King’s landing and they put up at the “Tower of the hand”. Later on, Shae works as a handmaiden to Sansa Stark. However, when Tyrion is forced to marry Sansa, Shae’s chances of consummating her union with Tyrion backfires. The events that follow lead to her death after Tyrion kills her in self-defense before escaping King’s landing. This episode in Game of Thrones also features the re-union of The Hound with Brienne that culminates into a bruising duel leaving The Hound feeling defeated. 4. Eighth Episode, Season 5 Rated as one of the top ten best episode in Game of Thrones, Hardhome received a record 7.01 million views when it was first broadcasted. The scenes in this show were not only captivating but met the expectations of many fans. Case in point is when the beautiful but fiery dragon queen meets with Tyrion Lannister, a heavy drinker but with a canny knack for knowing things. Power is sweet, it makes you pull some strings, but can also be dangerous as a double-edged sword. Things come tumbling down for Cersei after she finds herself in jail for the first time thanks to the Sparrows. The episode also features the talented horse rider and fighter Arya who turns out to be an Oyster seller while on vacation at Braavos. It would be unforgivable to wind up this episode without mentioning the power and authority the Night King asserts when descending on Hardhome. The last 20 minutes, shot in an eponymous wilding village leaves a degree of ferocity that knows no bounds with the Night King bringing fallen Wildlings back to life.

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5. Ninth Episode, Season 2 The events of this episode occur around the Blackwater which informs its title “Blackwater”. The ninth episode turns out to be quite unique because of its epic battle at Blackwater that features large ships with huge explosions. The battle made it one of the most expensive shows in Game of Thrones with a budget figure of $8 million. Tyrion Lannister, the acting hand of the King, comes to the defence of King’s Landing when it falls under attack from the brooding and overcautious Stannis Baratheon. Stannis attacks “King’s landing” by sea. While this appeared to be quite a well-calculated move from Stannis, Tyrion blows them up with wildfire at the Blackwater river. The quite intense battle almost saw Stannis Baratheon take over King’s landing if not for the reinforcements of Lannister and Tyrell that helped to drive Stannis and his army away from King’s landing. Luckily, Stannis manages to escape thanks to Rolland Storm. 6. Ninth Episode, Season 3 Despite the many battles that dot several episodes in Game of Thrones, “The Rains of Castamere” takes us to the world of fairy fantasies about love by featuring the Royal Wedding. Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey tie the knot. Rains of Castamere gets filled with culture and other entertaining memes that make the episode stand out. However, a massacre in a wedding is something unheard of. Other highlights of this episode include Dany, the dragon queen plans to invade the city of Yunkai. We also see Jon Snow loyalty gets tested owing to the controversies surrounding his background. He had to make decisions that would test his loyalty to the vows he made to the Night watch, his family and the Westeros after he gets himself in wars with the wildlings who want to force their way back into the kingdom. Sadly, the episode just proved that no matter how much of a hero you are made to appear you are not immune from death. The episode ends with Robb Stark and his mother and pregnant wife getting killed after getting betrayed by some of his disgruntled allies. 7. Ninth Episode Season 1 Baelor is the title to the ninth episode of season 1. It refers to the name of the church in King’s landing where Eddard Stark’s head is cut off in one strike of a sword. This was yet another episode that revealed not even being a central figure could make you sacred or safe from death. This made fans all the more eager to watch the Game of Thrones episodes that would follow. Well, you may have loved and hated Ned in equal measure owing to his character of being noble but naive as well. His wife Catelyn Stark is also featured in this episode where she is seen negotiating with Walder Frey to allow her use a strategic river crossing. Elsewhere in the show, there is a secret that Jon Snow discovers about Maester Aemon. In this episode, fans are also treated to a possible last night conversation between Bronn, Shae and Tyrion with an impending separation for good. 8. Second Episode, Season 4 Penned by George R.R Martin, “The Lion and the Rose” - title given to the episode highlights the poisoning of King Joffrey Baratheon at their royal wedding. Even though fans had long awaited this wedding between Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell, it ended tragically. The horrid boy king breathed his last at a time when everyone in the kingdom wished they had been the ones to poison him. King Joffrey’s death at his royal wedding led to the wedding being referred to as the Purple Wedding after the poison made him turn purple. Joffrey’s death was another incidence of another principal villain being killed in the Game of Thrones. Could the writer to this episode be alluding to the massacre that happened in a similar event during the Red wedding? Other highlights of this episode include Bran’s continued journey to the North of “The wall”. House Bolton is still hungry for power and to retake the North. Ramsay seems to have found a purpose for his pet. 9. Fifth Episode, Season 6 Referred to as “The Door”, fifth episode ushers us into some emotional scenes involving the “White Walkers” and Hodor. If anything, The Door showcased one of the emotional deaths ever experienced in the history of Game of Thrones. The Door grossed 7.89 million views in the US alone after it’s first broadcast. Other characters who feature in this show include Brian Stark, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister. The Door revealed an element of time travel mysticism that culminated into the death of Hodor. He passes on a hero by shielding off Bran and Meera against a horde of whites. His death only served to confirm the ultimate fate life had predestined upon him. Braven also thrills fans with his greensight and psychic abilities enabling to enter the mind of Hodor and also skin change into crows. He does this under the mentorship of the three-eyed raven. Elsewhere, Jon Snow is on a mission to unite the North to fight against the Boltons. 10. Ninth Episode, Season 6 The ninth episode in season 6 of Game of Thrones is about “The Battle of the Bastards”. Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton engage in a fierce duel to control Winterfell. Jon’s army that is also composed of wildings is almost out wiped by Bolton’s. However, victory goes in favor of Jon when Sansa Stark and Petryr Baelish joined him with the “The Knights of the Vale”.Ramsay is finally defeated and captured. <middle-sign> The episode is a thriller to say the least, keeping fans on the edge of their seats by its terrifying and exhilarating scenes. Several viewers and critics of this show have called it a “Masterpiece” and among the best in the Game of Thrones show series. Jon’s Snow performance also received lots of praise. However, to some fans, Jon Snow was a disappointment. The episode also highlights the re-union of Dany with her dragons that creates quite a scene. With the support of her dragons, she kills the rulers of cities inhabited by slaves.