Features of online survey tools

Before settling on an online survey software, it has to give you some essential elements so that you can incorporate them in your online survey. The tools are crucial to the survey process, and they influence how the questions will be fielded and displayed. The first impression of the customer is critical for the survey to yield responses. Here are some of the software features you should be looking out for to conduct a successful online study using survey tools. Display options This display option is a choice you should give to your respondents on where they intend to fill the questionnaire. It might be via email, or your survey hosted page and maybe their website. The point is, the respondent should choose the site that is most convenient to him. This option increases the response rate and the number of respondents. User segmentation Segmentation is crucial when you intend to gather responses from a particular group or target audience. For example, in business, if you want to evaluate your customer service you can segment the response section into new customers, returning customers and customers from a location of your choice. The segmentation can be wide so that you only get data that you are interested in your online survey. Skip logic The skip or branching logic enables you to further inquire from the customer according to the first answer. A good example, you can ask customers if they have purchased a brand from you. If the answer is yes, the tool proceeds to ask the kind of brand they bought. If the first answer is a “no”, then the second question will be skipped by the survey tool. This tool gives you valuable customer insights that will help you formulate marketing strategies for your business. Editor The editor should be easy to use by the respondent. They can scroll, fill and exit. An advanced editor will put off the respondents. Remember the respondent is busy and wants to finish this questionnaire in the shortest time possible. You can include some multiple triggering options like on-click, on-load and on-exit. Customization The survey tool should be able to be customized. You can include a company logo or any other information so that the survey looks valid and professional. The respondents will answer appropriately if they see a company logo; without it, they will think it’s a scam. Conclusion There are many survey software on the internet. Albeit non-exhaustive, you can use the above features when searching for excellent software to use in your online survey process. The tools will increase the response rate and the ability to attract respondents to your survey.