Free online survey tools

In case you are wondering how to begin and what tool to use in the online survey process. There are some free tools that you can use in your paid survey. These tools will assist you in creating questionnaires for the survey process, and enable you to organize the data effectively. The information will help you better understand the target market and formulate strategies for that specific market. These tools are readily available and free. Here are some of the tools to check out when conducting an online survey. 1. Google forms Most people are familiar with Google forms. Google offers a variety of tools that enable you to come up with questionnaires, send them and receive responses. This service is free and useful. Google forms will give you the option of creating survey questions, receiving responses through Gmail and all these responses are unlimited. There is an option to customize your questionnaire like adding specific segments and logo. The response data from the respondents will be analyzed on Google Sheets. The google form will be cost effective to a researcher. There is no upgrading to paid premiums, and the functionality is exceptional. You should try this out in your next online survey process. 2. Typeforms The reason why I included this tool is because of its interface. The general appearance is intuitive and attractive. Humans are visual beings, and they are attracted to something good. In addition to the presentation, you can style your questionnaire in different ways. The free version to look out for is known as CORE. In this version, you get unlimited questions, free templates for beginners, universal responses and custom design. You can also have a primary reporting feature. All these features are available in the free version. It will keep your online survey costs down and increase the response rates. This tool is something you should try out. 3. SurveyGizmo SurveyGizmo offers you the option of customizing your questionnaires. In addition to this, you can also invite respondents through several avenues. For beginners, you can choose the questions from the list of approximately 100 items on the site. Or you have the option of customizing the questions to suit your research goals. The software is free. Conclusion You can use the above software to customize your questions to a specific audience. These tools will help you gather responses better, to be used in marketing strategies. Plus, the tools are free. Beginners should take advantage of this software to master the art of online survey.