What is the Rationale Behind Paid Online Surveys?

So, how do paid online surveys work? You may ask. The answer to this question is easy if you put yourself in the shoes of a Chief Executive or Chief Marketing Officer of a company. Paid online surveys mean you get paid to answer questions on the internet. You can answer the questions in a short time of fifteen minutes or as long as an hour. Often times, payment rates depend on the number of questions asked and the amount of time you will take to complete questions asked. Why the need for companies to do surveys? Picture this! You are part of a multinational company that just launched operations in a new country. It will be close to impossible to break even let alone make profits if you do not know the patterns and behaviors of your consumers. Moving forward, the company will need to come up with a quick survey that will help them to gauge the behavior of their consumers. The shortest and quickest route to doing this will require that they come up with a paid online survey. The situation will be a win-win for both the company and the persons taking part in the survey. The company will get the information it needs on potential customers thus will be able to make the right decisions regarding their products and services. On the other hand, respondents get paid for helping the company get first-hand information regarding their consumers. In most cases, companies invest large chunks of money in doing market research through the use of marketing research companies. Marketing research companies will also invest the money and time in coming with quality respondents from a given segment of the population where the business is located. What you stand to benefit as a respondent The major misconception about paid online surveys is the notion that all payments are made in the form of cash. Nothing could be further from the truth. The thing is; companies do not only pay survey respondents with cash but use other rewards such as a gift card, prizes, offer you a service or give you a discount coupon. However, not all forms of payment or gifts from companies doing surveys could be rewarding to you as the respondent. If you are in for the money, you better know what survey companies pay in cash before you decide to get involved. One other thing with cash payment is that you will need to be patient since most survey websites have a withdrawal limit of about $20 to the cash they pay.