Sites that pay you to do a survey

There are numerous websites offering money to respondents who complete their surveys. As a matter of fact, just google the sentence, “paid online surveys”. The search results will overwhelm you. They run into millions of pages, with each site claiming to pay the best rates in the market. The average payment from all those sites is 5-7 pounds per survey. It is a good price having in mind the huge number of unemployed youth in the population. Most companies around the world outsource their online survey research to certain online survey companies. This is where you come in. These survey companies need to have people or respondents in their database to complete the survey. They need you in their database and they offer payments for every survey you complete for them. Probably you’ve come across the phrase, “2 out of 3 people like our brand”. The companies use the results from the survey to make those kinds of statements. The statements are either to formulate business strategies or for publicity. That said, I compiled a list of sites (though non-exhaustive) that pay you to complete their survey. Once you join their site, you will be added to their database and get paid. It is as simple as that. 1. i-say Formerly known as Ipsos, this site pays well. That’s according to the information on their site. Respondents get paid according to the points they accumulate. If you accumulate over 1300 points, you get 10 pounds for the online survey. Once you are added to their database, you will receive a minimum of 4 surveys per month. They admit on their site that this is not a get rich quick venture and you have to provide legitimate answers to earn more points. 2. My survey Most users have singled out this site because of the quick payments and the short duration of time needed to fill the online survey questionnaire. The site gets more surveys every month, so that you won’t run out of work. It takes a minimum of 15 minutes to fill out the questions. Each survey gives you 100 points. When the points reach 345, then you can redeem the points for a 3-pound voucher. Payment is done via PayPal, or you are given an Amazon shopping voucher. Before enrolling in a site, make sure it is legitimate and it pays. The internet is full of fraudsters. One thing you should consider is the points and how much of them can you redeem for cash or Amazon vouchers. It is always good to read the reviews to the site first before signing in; you will get an idea of the site from existing members.