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Top Ten Job Search Sites

These job posting sites contain many different opportunities, and this attracts many unemployed people to job websites. 1. Robert Half – It’s among the job boards that offer thousands of possibilities, and they are unique to the site. You cannot find multiple entries in other locations. 2. Career Builder – job seekers can upload their curriculum vitae or resume; there are thousands of job opportunities in this job site. A clear indicator that job posting sites can ease the unemployment pressure. 3. Indeed – you can find more information on the company you intend to apply on their job posting sites. 4. Job.com – you have the option of receiving weekly and monthly alerts whenever an opportunity arises in your job area of expertise. 5. Ladders- you only list on their jobs board if you want to earn a salary more than $100000. You must pay a subscription fee though. 6. LinkedIn – this is among the most popular job websites universally. You get every information, ranging from job opportunities to referrals. 7. Glassdoor – the site’s job boards provide every info you need ranging from interviews, salary and work environment. 8. Monster – this is one of the massive job site out there. You get services ranging from networking to emailing in over 40 countries. 9. Simply hired – this site offers services to job seekers like email updates if any job arises. You can save the alert and apply later. 10. US Jobs – you are only eligible to search on this job website if you are outside the US. It counts among the job posting sites that target foreign nationals.

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