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Top ten contact lenses

When looking for contact lenses, you should consider the ease of fitting it in the eye, comfort and the price. 1. Acuvue moist – in addition to being cheap, these contact lens is comfortable and doesn’t make the eye dry. 2. Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus – they fit comfortably in your eye region. They also help to retain moisture in your eye, to prevent it from getting dry. 3. Softlens Daily Disposable – these contact lenses are very comfortable to wear; they can be worn for long hours. Though the price is a bit high. 4. Biofinity – these lenses fit well, the amount is also right. Removal of these contact lenses is too easy when you want to sleep. 5. Air Optix Aqua – though they are a bit expensive than most contact lenses, the quality, comfort, and durability are what matters. This lens contains all these features 6. Acuvue Oasys – these contact lenses give you a good vision. Additionally, it feels very comfortable in the eye region. 7. Focus Daily All Day Comfort – for starters, they are easy to put inside the eye, comfortable. It can be worn for 10 hours plus. 8. Cooper Vision – these contact lenses are made from water hydrogel materials making them best suited for dry eyes. 9. Acuvue Trueye – it provides you with good vision and fits the eye well. Acuvue is one of the most popular contact lenses. 10. ProClear Multifocal – comfortable to put in the eye, and provides you with the best comfort at a low price.

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