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Top 10 Wind Turbine global companies in 2019

Wind power has been a common way of getting energy for daily activities. Here are some of the top-ranked companies that provide wind energy efficiently. 1) Vestas: It has a footprint of about 60,000 wind turbine installed in about 75 countries. The company stands at 16% of the global wind turbine market. 2) Siemens Gamesa: it is one of the largest companies that provide wind energy. It has a strong foothold in North America and is currently expanding its boundaries in other countries. 3) GE: The Company has installed over 25,000 wind turbine globally. HQ is in the US. 4) Goldwind; is ranked among the top fifty innovative companies in the world. The HQ is in China. 5) ENECORN; It has deep roots in 25 countries. It has surpassed 3 gig watt maker in wind power. The HQ is in Germany. 6) Nordex Group; Currently, it offers a 3MW Delta platform, Delta 4000 and Tubular steel tower with a diameter of 4.3m. 7) Senvion; it produces and distributes wind turbines with a wind power ranging from 2-6.2 megawatts. The HQ is in Germany but its owned by the US. 8) United power; It’s one of the largest China state-owned wind power generators. The company holds around 5% of the market share. 9) Envision Energy; The Company has innovated the best turbine solutions since its inception. It has a number of 12GW smart turbines in operations globally. 10) Suzlon; It is a leader in providing wind turbine and also in the solar energy part. It’s headquarter is in India.

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