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Top 10 Truck Driving Jobs

These are the highest paying truck driving jobs that you can count on if seeking for one. Read on to know what driving jobs suit you best. 1. Tanker hauler – tankers haul gasoline and other liquids. You may need extra certification and tactical driving training. 2. Hazmat – this driving job involves pulling hazardous substances. Experience in truck driving jobs is an added advantage here. 3. Transport driver – in this case, you will be required to drive junked or luxury cars to different destinations on your truck. It is among the highest paying truck driving jobs. 4. Ice road trucker – it is a risky job among the driving jobs, but it pays well. You are required to operate the truck on ice. 5. Oversized load hauler – among the truck driving jobs, this is the riskiest and well-paying driving job. You will haul oversized loads on the road. 6. Team driver – you only join a driver to drive continuously and far. The team driver is among the well-paying truck driving jobs. 7.Over the road driving – in the OTR driving, you haul goods from coast to coast. It is among the most demanding truck driving jobs. 8. Instructor – these are very experienced truckers who take up the role and teach other truckers on truck driving jobs requirements. 9. Owner – yes, you can create your own trucking company and advertise driving jobs for other people. 10. Recruiter – get paid to source drivers for trucking companies. The fee you charge them will be high plus other commissions.

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