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Top 10 Tips on Lifting Weights for Beginners

Many people wish to shed off some weight or gain muscles. If you wish to start your journey, here are the top ten tips on the best ways to do weight lifting. 1) Choose a goal that you wish to achieve. Think of whether you want to bulk up, slim up or other factors. In line with that, set the time frame for your goal. 2) Do not work on the same muscle group twice in a row. When weight lifting, indulge your upper body, mid and lower body evenly. 3) Don’t stick to a routine where you lift the same weight. Gradually increase the amount of weight you lift in every month. 4) Have the right attitude when lifting weights. Maintain full focus on what you want to achieve. You can also work with a friend to gain more focus and be accountable. 5) Do not perform weight lifting every day. Take two days off to allow your muscles to relax. Ensure that you get adequate rest to build your muscle. 6) Practice proper nutrition when lifting weights. Avoid too many nutritional supplements. Take protein milk shake to gain muscle mass. 7) Ensure you maintain a proper posture when lifting weights. Don’t do a lot of weight lifting using poor techniques. 8) Ensure that you stretch and flex before and after weight lifting. This keeps blood flowing in your muscles and prevents injury. 9) Beginners tend to work on having abs and forget about the legs. It will look weird to have a larger body and tiny legs. 10) Do not start weight lifting by using heavy tools. Start with fewer weights as you increase.

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