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Top 10 Online Nursing Institutions

Most people are transitioning to doing their studies through the online platforms. Here are the top ten institutions that offer the best nursing programs. 1) University of Cincinnati: It’s highly recommended and is 100% online. There are no on-campus requirements. 2) Indiana Wesleyan University: They have an expert faculty and small class sizes. This means the nursing school will give you the best attention from professionals in the field of study. 3) University of San Francisco: No GRE is required when doing the online nursing programs. The minimum time commitment is 24 months. 4) Georgetown University: You can complete a nursing program in less than 19 months. RN and BSN are required. Some courses offered are; family nurse practitioner, Women's Health Nurse Practitioner. 5) Simmons School of Nursing and Health Sciences: It is designed for registered nurses(RNs). Some online nursing programs include a family nurse practitioner and master of science in nursing. 6) Penn State University: It has over 94,000 enrollments with no On-campus requirements. You also get minimum time commitment. 7) John Hopkins University: It is ranked #2 in providing nursing programs. Most of the programs do not require on-campus requirements. 8) Western Governors University: Students get innovative, competency skills on nursing programs. It is also a nonprofit institution. It’s ranked position 3. 9) Loyola University (New Orleans): Nursing programs are fully online. It has accreditation by the CCNE. The institution is also a nonprofit. 10) Medical University of South Carolina: Nursing programs offered include Bachelor of science in nursing, Master of science in nursing and many more. They can be found through online or on-campus programmes.

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