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True of False: “Pinocchio” was the first animated

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Top 10 Online Businesses

These are the most lucrative online businesses that will guarantee you a steady supply of clients in a short period. 1. SEO consultant – if you have skills in search engine keywords and Google analytics, these skills make you the most sought after person by online business owners. 2. Business coaching – since most businesses have shifted online. Starting a coaching program might not be the worst idea. 3. Specialized retailer – your online business website should not sell just general items; you need to specialize in one field to attract customers. 4. Web design – each online business needs a web designer. You will have plenty of customers if you start a web designing service. 5. Social media consultant – major companies hire consultants to manage their online presence on Twitter and Facebook. They understand the value of social media. 6. Affiliate marketing – instead of just having an online presence, you can market your own online business and other sites for increased income. 7. Task manager – if you have excellent organizational skills, why not start an online business to manage tasks for companies. 8. Technical support – these are website maintenance, guys. This online business will generate more income for you. Most business websites need maintenance. 9. App development – apps are becoming more popular. Establishing a presence in the app development sector is not a bad idea. 10. Instagram consulting – starting an online business on photography for Instagram users will get you more clients on the platform.

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