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Top 10 diet plans

These diet plans enable you to stay healthy and lose some weight. 1. Weight Watchers Diet - In this diet plan, each food and beverage is assigned a specific point value. This point value is based on its nutrition. 2. Volumetric diet - The meal plan is divided into four categories, and category one includes vegetables and non-starchy foods, category two includes grains and legumes, category three you`ll find pizza and finally, category four includes chocolate and candies. 3. Flexitarian diet - The two terms generally mean flexible and vegetarian. You can be a vegetarian and at the same time eat meat. 4. Jenny Craig diet – This diet plan relies on three aspects to lose weight. You cut on calories, fats, and portions. 5. Vegan diet - Vegans strictly follow a meal plan that excludes all meat and dairy products. The menu consists of vegetables, grain, and legumes 6. Engine 2 diet – This diet is similar to the vegan diet. The only difference is that it cuts out the use of vegetable oil. It focuses on whole plant food 7. Ornish diet - This diet plan is low in animal protein, carbohydrates, and fats. It helps people lose weight and stay healthy. 8. Raw food - This diet focuses on food that has not been processed, cooked or exposed to any herbicide or chemicals. 9. Mayo clinic diet - This meal plan involves low energy foods like veggies, fruits, and whole grains. In this diet plan, you can eat more, while consuming fewer calories. 10. Mediterranean diet - This diet plan involves whole based fruits and nuts. You can also consume whole grains and vegetables.

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