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Top 10 Cord Blood banks in 2019

These companies are very important to the global cord blood banking industry. They set standards that affect all market participants. Here is a list of the top ten cord blood banks. 1) Cord Blood Registry: It is one of the oldest cord blood banks in history. It has the largest cord blood banking system with the number of cord blood and cord tissues units sorted (500,000) 2) Via Cord: It has more than 300,000 cord blood and cord tissue units. It also has the region's highest percentage of successful treatments using prepared cord blood stem cells. 3) Cryo-cell: It’s the world’s first cord blood banking unit established in 1992. It serves clients from 87 different countries. 4) China Cord Blood Corporation: It offers the largest cord blood banking in China. 5) Cryo-Save: it is located in the Netherlands. Cryco-save is the largest cord blood bank in Europe. Cryco-save has 250,000 blood stem cells in its storage capacity. 6) New York Cord Blood Program: It’s the largest non-profit cord bank in the world. NCBP was the first cord bank to be awarded from NetCord-FACT in 2003. 7) CordVida: is the largest cord blood banking facility in South America. It operates its own processing and storage facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 8) Americord: is located in New York City. Over the years, the company has achieved a growth rate of 2,200%. 9) CryoHoldco: It is the largest market leader in Latin America. On top of that, it offers the largest cord blood banking in the world. 10) Vita34: It was the first private cord blood banking unit to be established in EuropeVita34 has a rating of highest successful cord blood transfers.

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