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Top 10 Conference Calls Tools in 2019

When you have a business, you may wish to make a conference call if you are not around the business premises. Here are the top ten sites to use when making the conference call. 1) Uber conference: Once you sign up with Uber, you own a conference call host web link, which you can connect easily with people. 2) Skype: This is the best option for international conference calls. It has over 300 million active users and claims 1 billion downloads. 3) Zoom: This is a new member of the conference calls but it came with a blast. It offers free conference calls for up to 49 minutes. If you wish to upgrade, it will cost you between $14.99-19.99 per month. 4) Google Hangouts: This tool will not hurt the budget. Once you have a Gmail account, you can be hosted for a call on hangouts. Also accessing it through chrome is easier. 5) GoToMeeting: It hosts 80 million conference calls for 18 million users annually. The company offers a 14-day trial after which some costs are incurred. 6) FreeConferenceCall.com: This is the most trusted website to offer a free conference call. It lets you host up to 1000 callers via phone and online connection. 7) Webex: this is a product under the networking company Cisco. They have designed hardware to make you host a video conference call with inhabitant devices. 8) Join. Me: it has both audio and video conferencing calls which can be found in a mobile app. 9) Appear.in: this is a tool that has enabled conference calls easier. It only takes a few seconds to initiate a conference call. 10) Android and iPhones conference calls: the two operating systems have advanced to enable a free conference call.

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