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Top 10 car insurance companies

When looking for a good car insurance company, look out for insurance rates, advertising campaigns and customer claims data. Consider the market share. Check out for this top ten list of companies. 1. State farm – they have a market share of 18%. This car insurance is for people who want a personalized experience from a local agent. 2. GEICO – its marketing campaign features images of the Gecko. The main feature is its low rates, and they are also available nationally. 3. Progressive – you can purchase car insurance by phone or online. This feature makes it a convenient car insurance provider.

4. Allstate – It is a publicly traded company with excellent customer satisfaction claims and high rates in the insurance sector. 5. USAA – its headquarters are in San Antonio, Texas. The car insurance company provides limited membership to military officers and shipment. 6. Liberty Mutual – thy have a wide range of insurance sales like health, life, property and casualty insurance products. The rates are also very competitive. 7. Farmers – this car insurance company began issuing insurance to farmers in rural areas. Now they have diversified and cover other sectors like property and investment sectors. 8. Nationwide – it has a standard coverage and an excellent customer rating. It has been rated as the most affordable insurance company. 9. Travellers – they depend on your driving history to calculate your rates. If you have an accident-free history, you will pay less than those with accident histories in the past.

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10. American family- apart from the discounts, this car insurance company offers reasonable rates for auto insurance.