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Top 10 best online-based studies in 2019

Have you ever wished to pursue an online bachelor’s degree? Here is the list of the top ten online universities and online colleges that may suit your education needs. 1) Penn state world campus: It offers 150 online degrees. One of the top online bachelor’s degree is a Bachelor of Science in accounting. The average net price is $23,129. 2) Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University: It has been ranked as a leader among many online universities. The average net price is $19,002. 3) Arizona state university: This online college has a choice score of 98.70. The average net price is $13,007. ASU gives you maximum student support when it comes to learning. 4) University of Florida: It offers over 200 online degree and certificates programs. The ranking of this institution is 98.48%. Its average net price is $11,976. 5) The University of Illinois at Chicago: This institution has been ranked as the top ten to get an online bachelor’s degree. It has a college choice score of $93.92. 6) Pace University: This online college has an average net price of 431,040. It also maintains a generous transfer credit policy. The college choice score is 89.42. 7) Regis University: It has an online college choice score of 88.97. The average net price is $26,505. 8) Creighton University: It is the top-ranked university in the Midwest. The average net price is $30,353. 9) City University of Seattle: For this online college, it has a choice score of 88.65. The net price is $16,748 10) Regent University: The college score is 87.98. The online degrees offered are also of high quality.

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