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Top 10 Best Drug Rehab Clinics in the World

If you wish to refer someone to a drug rehab facility, here are the top ten best facilities found globally. 1) Passages Malibu, US: It uses holistic methods for treatment. It views drug addiction as something that can be cured by focusing on the patient's underlying issues. 2) Crossroads Center, Antigua: it’s among the non-profit rehab centers. The center offers a 12-step treatment program approach. 3) Priority Group, UK: This drug rehab facility has over 250 sites that offer an appropriate approach in dealing with drug addicts. 4) Promises, Malibu, US: This rehab center is popular among those who live luxurious lives. It was the first center of its kind to address patients’ underlying issues. 5) The Sanctuary Byron Bay, Australia: It’s one of the luxurious rehab centers in the world. It has also gained recognition for the best services it provides. 6) Betty Ford Center, US: It was opened by Betty Ford a former first lady of America. The treatment of drug addicts in this drug rehab is of high standards. 7) The Meadows, US: Its situated in Arizona. They offer the best treatment programs in drug and alcohol addiction. 8) Serenity House, Spain: They use the 12-steps program to help patients understand the root of their addiction and solution. 9) Sober Living by the Sea, California, US: it has been operational for 25 years hence has full knowledge on how to handle drug addicts. 10) PROMIS Rehabilitation clinic, UK: it offers a mix of traditional and innovative drug rehab to drug abuse treatments.

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