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Top 10 Amazing things you could do with Microsoft Office

Microsoft programs have amazing features when it comes to dealing with documents. Here are the top ten features of a Microsoft office that could prove handy. 1) Auto-Update Date and time: This feature can be used to arrange documents according to the date they were last edited. 2) You can be able to convert PDF and HTML documents through Microsoft office. Web programmers mostly use it. It only takes a few clicks to complete the task. 3) Change capitalization; this option is available on the top bar of every Microsoft office product. This feature can be used to change keywords into different formats. 4) Editing Hotspot is an amazing feature in Microsoft office. Currently, you can access this option by simply hitting shift-f5. 5) The updated Microsoft office lets you write text anywhere. You can simply double click on a specific part of a page where you want to write. 6) Finding a word has also become easier. To locate a specific word, all you need to do is to hit CTRL+F5 on all Microsoft office packages. 7) You can add a calculator on any Microsoft office product. In general, Microsoft Excel is the most powerful tool in calculations but adding a calculator to other packages will help save time. 8) It is now easier you highlight texts. One sentence can be highlighted by just a single click. 9) Analyzing your writing skills; this is an additional feature in that a word tells you the complexity level of your writing skills. 10) You can highlight a square field of a text; All you need to do is to hold the left click and Alt button on a specific area of a text.

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