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Top 10 Alcohol Rehab Centers in 2019

Here are some of the top ten facilities to consider for alcohol abuse treatment. 1) Betty Ford Center- Rancho Mirage, California: if you need alcohol help, this is the best place to be. The facility offers intensive inpatient and outpatient services to ensure you are addictive free. 2) Hazelden-Center city, Minnesota: It recognizes the need to focus on life after alcohol rehabilitation. It has expanded its reach to New York, Florida and the Northwest. 3) Caron-Wernersville, Pennsylvania: This facility has locations throughout the states. The alcohol abuse treatment program may take up to 18 months after which the person will be free from addiction. 4) 12 Keys-Florida: The treatment program is heavy on mental and emotional health. They offer a customized alcohol abuse treatment plan under a large staff of counselors. 5) Seabrook House- Seabrook, New Jersey: This alcohol rehabilitation facility encourages patients to find healing through national and traditional means. 6) The Ranch-Nunnelly, Tennessee: They provide a hands-on treatment program that allows the patients to find fulfillment in nature. This will lead to zero alcohol abuse in the future. 7) Harmony Place- Woodland Hills, California: This alcohol rehabilitation facility is limited to women only. They help women fight alcohol abuse by understanding their physiological and emotional situation. 8) Cirque Lodge- Orem, Utah: It specializes in individual treatment and therapies have been proven effective. 9) Sierra Tucson- Sierra Tucson, Arizona: They provide a targeted approach to treatments that uncovers the course of alcohol abuse. 10) Origin Recovery Centers- Texas: It offers a treatment step-down- program. This helps patients successfully become addictive free to alcohol.

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