Odrive Review: Best Cloud Sync Solution


If you are finding it difficult to juggle your files between different cloud storage services and apps, then we recommend installing a cloud aggregator. It will help you manage all the files from different providers in one place. This Odrive review focuses on one of the most popular cloud aggregators and universal cloud sync solution. The main concern when deciding on a cloud aggregator is the number of cloud storage providers and other apps it can link with as well as how its features match with those of each service you want to aggregate. Our Odrive review also assesses the security and price of Odrive.


Linked partners


Odrive link storage webpage


Odrive has an extensive and expanding list of partners it can link with. It can also aggregate different types of services. From standard apps, to personal, company and utility storage solutions.



  • Facebook: download all your photos and video from Facebook.
  • Gmail: download all your attachments.
  • Instagram: download all your photos from the app.

Personal storage

  • Dropbox: access all your work and personal Dropbox accounts.
  • Google Drive: progressive sync for all your accounts.
  • OneDrive: sync with placeholder files for OneDrive.

Company and utility storage

  • Amazon S3: make its storage available to general users.
  • Backblaze B2: access all your stored files.
  • ADrive: progressive sync for your files.

These are only a few of the potential partners you can link with if you decide to use Odrive. Feel free to consult the entire list of apps and cloud services you can aggregate.


Main features


Odrive sync webpage


When you analyze the main features of a cloud service, you have to keep in mind the specific task the service is designed for. Although there are a few apps that have multiple well-rounded functions, most services specialize in either cloud backups, syncing and sharing files. As a cloud aggregator, Odrive’s specialized function is cloud sync. However, it also has cloud sharing capabilities and the company has announced plans for cloud backup features. Here are the most important features outlined by our Odrive review:


Infinite Sync

  • Universal Sync Folder: users can sync everything Odrive has aggregated from your different services into one single folder on your computer.
  • Native desktop access: Odrive’s cloud sync doesn’t have a separate interface, instead it integrates with your file manager.
  • Progressive sync: Odrive uses placeholders to show all the files you have. They become real files only if you need them In order to save space on your hard drive. Users can impose an auto-download limit on files of different sizes.
  • Unsync: users have the option to let Odrive automatically unsync old files by age determined by the last time they were synchronized.
  • Sync external storage: allows syncing folders from USB drives and network file servers. The folders will automatically sync when the external storage is connected.
  • High performance: Odrive’s sync engine is designed to be fast thanks to direct connections and parallel transfers optimizations.

Visit Odrive’s features page for a complete list of its sync capabilities.


File Share


Odrive cloudshare webpage


An essential part of the Odrive review, As an aggregator, Odrive’s sharing features are more limited compared to those of individual cloud storage providers. Nonetheless, it manages to fulfill the basic requirements of most users thanks to the following features:

  • Flexible sharing: users can create a weblink to anything Odrive has synced. The weblink can consist of a file or folder of various sizes and can be shared with anyone.You can share anything through weblinks.
  • Secure weblinks: you can limit sharing by either setting expiration dates on links or by adding a password of your choosing.
  • Group share: invite whoever you want to sync any Odrive folder on your computer.

Unfortunately, Odrive does not offer any collaborative editing and anyway for a user to re-upload a shared file they have modified. Increased share functionality would require separate sharing options for each linked service. This would be complicated to develop and manage.

At the moment of this review, Odrive hasn’t yet released the backup features. We will return with an update the moment they do so.




Odrive premium upgrade webpage


Odrive pricing plan consists only in the free plan and in the premium annual subscription service for which a user pays $8.25 per month. Most of the features provided by Odrive are available on the free plan. However, the premium service allows users to unsync files, to customize the sync to fit their needs and also comes with extra encryption.

Overall, Odrive offers a wide variety of cloud sync and share features for an aggregator at a competitive price. Consult Odrive’s pricing webpage for a more comprehensive list of the features for each service plan.




Odrive security webpage


Data protection and privacy is a major concern for cloud services, and Odrive takes it seriously with several measures. All your data on your computer or in transit is encrypted using AES 256-bit technology. Odrive automatically encrypts all the files when they leave your device. This allows users to protect their privacy without any inconveniences. The files are protected thanks to an encryption key that only you know. Anyone with your encryption can decrypt and access the files. You can also enable multiple keys in the form of passphrases in order to share access to your files.




Our Odrive review focused on the product’s file sharing, pricing and security. Overall, Odrive is an excellent choice to manage all your apps and cloud services thanks to its extensive and expanding list of linked partners as well as its vast array of cloud sync features. Although cloud aggregators tend to have limited sharing options, Odrive included, it still provides basic options. The upcoming backup feature coupled with the high standard of security and competitive price makes Odrive one of the best aggregators and cloud sync solutions around.