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10 ways to improve your free credit score in 2019

Credit scores are very crucial when it comes to borrowing money. Here are some tips you can apply to improve your credit score. 1) Get your free credit report by completing an annual credit request form. This may take some few days after which it will be delivered to your mail. 2) Once you get your free credit check, go through it thoroughly. Do this keenly as you look for mistakes and ensure your details have been recorded correctly. 3) To earn the free credit score, pay your bills early enough. You may do this for several months and you are bound to reap the fruits later. 4) Have numerous free credit checks to plan on how you can maximize on getting the free credit scores. 5) You need to create and sustain an emergency fund so as to clear debts easily in case the deadline is approaching and you don't have money. 6) Maintain your late payments to 30 days. Many lending institutions will report delays of up to 60 days. 7) Set a goal on a free credit score. This will help you avoid taking loans all the time and delaying to pay them. 8) When you have high credit card balances, it will be hard for you to get a high free credit score. When you get a credit check, you will notice the cons of high debts. 9) One of the best ways is to set up automatic payments. This is important when having troubles to pay bills on time. 10) Avoid pricey credit monitoring providers. You can always have a free credit check and this will help to cut off extra expenses.

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