Sync Cloud Review

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Sync Cloud is a service offering premium cloud solutions to consumers at very decent prices, including one free package that is available to everyone, everywhere. Not to be confused with Microsoft Sync or with My Ford Sync, this online company bears the same name yet deals with something completely different.

In the following review, we will be taking a look at their services, their plans, their prices, and the features that they offer their customers. A cross-device service, Sync is marketed as a service perfect for aspiring endeavors, be they businesses, bands, or school projects. Go below to see if that holds true.


1. Overall Service Rating:


What we like: Sync is a very good alternative (or complement) to other free cloud storage services that are targeted at consumers. The security policy of the company seems particularly strong and their reviews are mostly positive. Like most other cloud services, the Sync cloud also has cross-platform capabilities with desktop, Mac, iOS, and Android apps being widely available.

What we don’t like: For the business side of the cloud service spectrum, Sync proves a powerful tool, yet in the end insufficient. Small businesses may benefit from their services for quite a while, but once the company grows in numbers, Sync will become not enough.


  • Cloud/Backup Features: ****
  • Extra Features: ****
  • Usability & User Friendliness: ****
  • Pricing: *****
  • Support: ***


Who Should Use Sync Cloud Storage?


As we’ve mentioned, Sync is marketed towards basic users. From individuals looking to have more space in their clouds to small start-ups, bands, and schoolmates looking to share course materials, Sync proves more than adequate. In terms of security, it’s even better than other services such as Microsoft’s OneDrive since they have a Full Privacy Guarantee policy in place.

For more information about the Sync Cloud Storage service, don’t forget to go to their official webpage at


2. Quick Sync Cloud Storage Service Overview


What is Sync? Glad you asked! Sync is a very powerful cloud storage solutions manager that has in mind the average cloud consumer when it does its business. The free plan (presented below) seems to be more than sufficient for anyone wanting to get into the cloud fast. Moreover, we like the way they chose to include meme-culture into their slogan.


"Sync cloud service logo image with slogan"
Much cloud.

3. Sync Cloud Storage Features



Storage Allotment

Starter – Free

5 GB

Business Pro – $49

500 GB

Business Pro – $98

2 TB


Although the free option looks nice, it’s good to keep in mind that, comparatively, it’s a more modest storage allotment (compared especially to one of its direct competitors – Google Drive). However, still offer more than other cloud storage services.

Sync Cloud cross-platform functionality

Like most other cloud storage providers, Sync also gives its users apps for Android devices, iOS devices (such as the iPad and the iPhone). On top of this, we have classic desktop apps for both Windows computers and Macs. Unfortunately, Sync does not provide support for Windows Mobile devices, nor for Linux devices.

Desktop integration

Once users install Sync, they will be able to install the computer app, either for Windows or for the Mac. This app provides typical functionality, integrating with the computer’s file system to provide users with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop folder in the computer’s file explorer.

Sync Cloud Synchronization

As the name stands testimony, Sync have solid synchronization options. Frankly speaking, we’ve had absolutely no problems with the Sync app in terms of speed or file synchronization. Other services (such as OneDrive, where reviews complained specifically about this) take a while for files to appear across all devices that are linked. does not have this problem.


4. Sync Cloud Storage Company Information begun as a small startup back in 2011. Founders Thomas Savundra, Darius Antia, and Suhan Shan started it all with the vision of providing the consumers with a company that has them in mind. Unlike most other cloud storage services which started from gargantuan IT&C companies, Sync started low and knows the hustles and bustles of the average consumer.


5. Sync Cloud Storage Features for Backup


With 5GB of free storage, the basic plan of Sync is not recommended as a backup cloud. However, the pricier options could well serve as a backup for pictures, music, or your personal computer’s files. However, we do not recommend using (nor any other cloud service) for storing your movie collection. This can result in an overload of Sync servers (movies are massive files) and loss of data on your part.


6. Sync Cloud Storage Security


Apart from that small fact applicable to most cloud companies, Sync have a wholly secure cloud system, dedicated to the user, and hell-bent on offering 100% privacy to all of their customers. Sync actually boast with this, saying that they’re the exception in the market, providing protection for all users (even from themselves). They will not access your files without your explicit permission.

The company is also based in Canada, therefore not being subject to the Patriot Act of the U.S. (which allowed the Government to snoop into private files through the NSA).


7. Sync Cloud Storage Pricing Information


Sync offers a very attractive pricing plan at $49 per year for 500 GB and $98 per year for 2TB of storage. The best part is that these prices are only withdrawn from your account once per year, so there’s no need for monthly fees. The bad part is that you will now have to make a one-time 49 or 98-dollar payment.


8. Sync Cloud Storage Support and Additional Information


Sync have a support center always ready to answer your questions. Apart from the help center, Sync also provides its customers with an extensive knowledge base so they can help themselves before they ask anyone. Still PRO customers have priority in emails and in the help section.


9. Sync Cloud Storage Alternatives


We recommend Microsoft’s OneDrive, the Apple iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox as good alternatives to Sync. Still, we also recommend to users in need of more space that they use all of them combined.


10. Sync Cloud Storage Reviews and Complaints


Several online reviewers of services have complained that the paid accounts and the free accounts have problems synchronizing and that the free users have trouble receiving large files from premium accounts.

On the other hand, many users compliment the service for its super-fast file sharing options and great performance no matter where the user is.


11. Conclusion


Sync Cloud Storage is a great service for those that want free, fast, and secure cloud storage solution. What do you think of Sync cloud storage? Have you tried their apps? Let us know by leaving a reply to this article!