RackSpace Cloud Storage Review

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This overview of the RackSpace Cloud Storage service will let you know everything you need about it to come to an informed decision. You will find out more about how well it works, what are its strong points and weak points, what the service’s customers say, and so on. To skip directly to the topic you want to read on first, feel free to click through the table of contents below.


1. Overall Service Rating:


What we like: Rackspace Cloud is fast, user-friendly, and offers great customer support.

What we don’t like: It can be costly depending on individual storage needs.



  • Cloud/Backup Features: ***
  • Extra Features: ***
  • Usability & User Friendliness ****
  • Pricing **
  • Support ****


Who Should Use Rackspace Cloud

Rackspace has recently updated its business plan, so the service plans it now offers are more focused and well-thought-out. It can be a great cloud storage solution for first-time cloud storage users that do not require massive storage space as it has a very user-friendly interface and great customer support.


rackspace cloud storage logo


2. Quick Rackspace Cloud Storage Service Overview


Rackspace Cloud offers three different products to cater to a wide variety of cloud storage and hosting needs. Depending on the customer’s individual requirements one of the three options Rackspace offers can be better suited for each case: the three available products are cloud sites, cloud files, and cloud servers.

Cloud Sites features a hosting platform with significantly more built-in redundancy than traditional hosting platforms. Cloud Servers is a service that immediately supplies the customer with as many servers as needed for an unlimited amount of time while Cloud Files is a storage service that offers unlimited storage space and a network for distributing content.



  • The interface is user-friendly, and the setup process is relatively easy.
  • Rackspace pricing can vary depending on the number of products each customer chooses to sign up for and the performance and storage space selected.
  • File backup can be scheduled, and there are several backup options and actions available. A backup wizard can be used to restore backed up files that have been lost and backing up and upload speeds are very good because of the unlimited bandwidth offered.
  • Rackspace is an overall reliable and complex cloud storage service that can become pricey depending on each user’s needs.
  • At the same time, it offers good quality services that prove to be cost efficient for frequent cloud storage service users.
  • It is a very good choice for less tech-savvy customers who require a proficient service that is user-friendly and offers consistent and efficient tech and customer support.
  • It is compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems.

“We’re a team of always-ready, always-accountable, always-helpful specialists

that embody Fanatical Support®”


3. Rackspace Cloud Storage Features


Rackspace Hosting Plan Features

Price Storage Allotment Security & Encryption Speed & Performance Restoring Files
$116.80/ month 20GB disk space TLS/SSL encryption 1GB Performance Yes
$146.00/ month 40GB disk space TLS/SSL encryption 2GB Performance Yes
$204.40/ month 40GB disk space TLS/SSL encryption 4GB Performance Yes
$321.20/ month 40GB disk space TLS/SSL encryption 8GB Performance Yes
$620.50/ month 40GB disk space TLS/SSL encryption 15GB Performance Yes
$1241.00/ month 40GB disk space TLS/SSL encryption 30GB Performance Yes
$2482.00/ month 40GB disk space TLS/SSL encryption 60GB Performance Yes
$3723.00/ month 40GB disk space TLS/SSL encryption 90GB Performance Yes
$ 4964.00/ month 40GB disk space TLS/SSL encryption 120GB Performance Yes


4. Rackspace Cloud Company information


Rackspace Cloud is a subsidiary of Rackspace Inc., a Texas-based company that offers several services such as cloud hosting and storage, managed hosting, traditional hosting, and applications. The company first released Rackspace Cloud Storage under a different name, Mosso, back in 2006, but later re-branded the product under the trading name it has today. Although Rackspace Cloud belongs to Rackspace Inc, the cloud storage and hosting service is run as a completely individual and separate organization.


5. Rackspace Cloud Restore Features and Retrieving Files


Any high-quality cloud or backup service includes security and restore features which you will detail. Much like the previous paragraph, discuss these features in detail, including any technical details that may interest the users. This information is easily accessed: blogs, forums, the provider’s website, etc.


rackspace cloud storage screenshot
This is how the RackSpace cloud storage service page looks like.

6. Rackspace Cloud Security Risk. Is it safe?


Rackspace Cloud has its own private servers and currently owns 6 data centres. It provides services to customers in the United States, Europe, and the Asian-Pacific region and offers TLS/SSL encrypted servers for all of its customers. Because it manages its own servers, it is a reliable hosting and storage system.


7. Rackspace Cloud Storage Pricing Information


Rackspace pricing plans depend on the product or products the customer uses, how much storage space the customer requires, the number of servers he needs, as well as the level of performance he chooses when setting up his service package. Pricing can also vary depending on the operating system the customer has (Windows or Linux) and on the amount of storage and number of

Pricing can also vary depending on the operating system the customer has (Windows or Linux) and on the amount of storage and number of databases he requires. For instance, the monthly cost for General Purpose 2 GB server for a Windows O.S. will be $ 61.42, but the estimated bandwidth, service level, and add-ons will all contribute to the final cost and your monthly bill may be higher.


8. Rackspace Cloud Support and Additional information


Rackspace Cloud excels when it comes to user-friendliness and customer support services. It has a comprehensive customer and tech support department and email support. Call center support is also available. Tech support can also offer assistance during setup for new users and the company prides itself on its self-described “Fanatical Support”, confirmed by most feedback given by users of the Rackspace Cloud services.


9. Rackspace Cloud Storage Alternatives


A similar service can be provided by Amazon Web Services, which is equally easy to set up but can be more complicated to use than Rackspace Cloud. On the other hand, Amazon Web Services can be considerably cheaper for the regular user’s needs and offers more customizing options for the more feature-friendly user.


10. Rackspace Cloud Storage Reviews and Complaints


Earlier Rackspace Cloud customers have complained about misleading pricing models and hidden surcharges. Although Rackspace Cloud has been reviewing and fine-tuning the available pricing plans, the current system is still far from being transparent or easy to understand, and additional charges are billed for exceeding allotted bandwidth or space.


11. Conclusion


Overall, Rackspace Cloud is a reliable and secure cloud storage service that offers multiple products and is relatively simple to use. It can be quite pricey depending on the requirements of each customer, so it is a good option for inexperienced cloud service users that require extensive and efficient customer support in a professional setting and can afford to pay more for a comprehensive and easy-to-use service.