JustCloud Backup Storage Service Review

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We will overview the JustCloud backup storage service in detail, going in depth on every aspect of the service in separate sections of this review. Should you wish to navigate through the entire contents of our overview faster, feel free to click the topics (items) in the roundup below to skip directly to the subject you want to read more on.


1. JustCloud: Overall Service Rating


What we like: JustCloud storage service has a user-friendly layout. Also, the setup process and accessing the account’s backup information are simple.

What we don’t like: Users have to pay extra for additional features that other similar services provide in their standard versions and the storage space that you actually get is limited unless you sign up for the costlier unlimited plan.



  • Cloud/Backup Features: 5
  • Extra Features: 4
  • Usability & User Friendliness: 3/5
  • Pricing: 3/5
  • Support: 4


JustCloud Welcome Screen


2. Who Should Use JustCloud?


Theoretically, the JustCloud backup storage service is meant for small businesses or individual users looking for a reliable backup solution to cater to their needs. Over the years, the brand has marketed itself as precisely that, and many users agree to this day that JustCloud’s main quality is the reliability of service. We will clarify all aspects of this service’s performance and come with a conclusion of our own below.


3. Quick JustCloud Service Overview


JustCloud offers file synchronisation, a drag-and-drop backup option, file sharing, access from multiple devices and encrypts user files to ensure secure online storage. Standard versions of the product are great for users that don’t need to back up very large files, but the service can be upgraded for unlimited storage space and backing up larger files (up to 10 GB). The overall quality of its features is above average, but users have to pay more in order to access some of the extra services and options that are not included in the basic version.

“Professional Cloud Storage from JustCloud is Simple, Fast, and Secure.”


4. JustCloud Cloud Storage Features


Price Storage Allotment Security & Encryption Speed & Performance Restoring Files
$8.69 75GB 256-bit AES encryption Unlimited upload speed Backed up files can be restored from the desktop application
$9.94 250GB 256-bit AES encryption Unlimited upload speed Backed up files can be restored from the desktop application
$12.44 1TB 256-bit AES encryption Unlimited upload speed Backed up files can be restored from the desktop application


5. JustCloud Company Information


JustCloud was created by the JDI Backup Group which specializes in backup software and has also produced other cloud storage services such as BackUpGenie and ZipCloud. The company was founded back in 2010 and has had previous market success with some of its products by making continuous efforts to upgrade them and expand their availability and options. JustCloud is one of the company’s earlier projects and one of its most successful to date because of the improved versions that have appeared of late.


justcloud backup storage wizard screenshot
Screenshot of the JustCloud backup storage wizard looks like.


6. JustCloud Restore Features and Retrieving Files


Users can restore files using one of two options: they can access their JustCloud account and manually select the file that they want to retrieve, or access the desktop application on their computers and restore larger files or more files at once. They can choose the device to which they want the files to be directed once they are recovered.

This is one of the most comprehensive services in terms of variety and number of useful features offered but requires pay-ups for many of its features, which can be off-putting for some users. In other words, it can be a very complex and useful storage system that will cater to your every need but you will have to pay more to personalize your storage options and add the features that you need.


7. JustCloud Security Risk. Is it safe?


While no cloud storage service can offer a 100% safety guarantee JustCloud does have security encryption for all of its user files. It uses an AES – 256-bit encryption that offers considerable protection against unwanted file tampering and interference but does not have a local encryption. However the overall security is very good with no major issues reported so far for current versions of the product.


justcloud backup storage windows interface
Screenshot of the JustCloud backup storage service’s Windows interface


8. JustCloud Backup Storage Pricing Information


Although the basic subscription plan is quite affordable and offers a good all-round cloud storage product consumers that are in need of considerable storage space or large size file backup may have to use the more expensive premium plans in order to get unlimited storage. The standard plan is affordable and starts at a monthly fee of $8.69 for a storage space of 75 GB, so it will cover your basic file backup and storage needs.

However, if you require additional space or features, you will have to upgrade your subscription plan to the more comprehensive versions that cost more. The Premium package will cost you $9.94 a month and offer 250GB while the Ultimate plan will set you back $12.44 every month for 1TB of storage space. The fact that you have to pay extra for many of the features that the service offers can lead to a bigger bill at the end of the month and there have been user complaints about the complicated pricing schemes that the JustCloud has for many of its extra options.


9. JustCloud Support and Additional information


User feedback has been mixed at best when it comes to the customer support that the JustCloud backup storage service offers. While the setup in itself is easily accessible and the interface is user-friendly the complicated payment plans and additional costs have required clarification at times. Basic information about plans and prices can be easily obtained by contacting the customer support team or by accessing the official JustCloud website. However, technical support enquiries have received slow or unsatisfactory response at times according to user reviews.

Customer support options do not include a telephone contact for users, so most communication with JustCloud support teams happens via email which can result in delayed or unsatisfactory responses and solutions. Because of the growing number or users, tech support can become overwhelmed with enquiries and take a longer time to answer emails.


10. JustCloud Alternatives


Alternative services that feature some of the same options as JustCloud can be found depending on user needs. For simple user-friendly backup and storage services at lower costs you can try BackBlaze, which offers unlimited storage space and maximum file size and costs as little as $5.00 per month but takes a lot longer to restore your files and has considerably fewer features.

If you are interested in many features and good file sharing options you can opt for Livedrive but you will be looking at a starting price of $8.00 and face extra costs so get all the information that you need in order to understand what it will actually cost you to sign up for it and enable all the features you need. While Livedrive is very comprehensive, its interface is a lot less user-friendly and more complicated to use than you would originally expect (at least from a service with such good reviews as the JustCloud backup storage service seems to enjoy).


11. JustCloud Reviews and Complaints


While the general consensus has been that JustCloud is a solid service that can cater to various needs, there have been user complaints about hidden costs and complicated pricing schemes. Previous versions have received negative feedback concerning pop-up adds and aggressive marketing campaigns ran through the service but it seems that those problems have been resolved in the more recent versions.

While JustCloud has garnered a reputation for being reliable, it has also been suggested by various user reviews that to access unlimited storage space and large size file backup customers have to commit to plan upgrades. Not to mention that there are pay-ups and extra charges for features that other similar services offer as part of their standard plans.

This makes JustCloud backup storage service pretty pricey when compared to other cloud storage and backup alternatives. It may seem pretty cheap at first, but that only stands if you stick to the standard plan. For users in need of some serious cloud support, and for businesses as well, the standard plan will probably not be enough.


12. Final Recommendation


Taking everything into account, JustCloud is a reliable cloud storage service that can offer an excellent all-round experience for your basic storage and backup needs. However, it can become pricey if you need upgraded plans and specialized features. The standard plan for the JustCloud backup storage service will work great for you if you are on a budget, but you should expect to pay considerably more for a comprehensive plan that will truly offer unlimited storage space.

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