Google Cloud Storage Review

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Welcome to the Google Cloud Storage review: in what follows we will detail every aspect of this service’s functioning, clarify who it’s for and what type of client needs it is most suited for, what its customers had to say, and so on. For easier browsing, feel free to click on an entry in the table of contents below so you can skip directly to what you want to read about first.


1. Overall Service Rating:


The Google Cloud Storage features are numerous and versatile:

  • Customers are billed for some features and may use others for free.
  • The service is a great option for customers that are already using a Google account, but is generally user-friendly and provides fast uploading because it uses the Google networks.
  • A free Google Cloud Storage 60 day trial is available for customers and the service will not bill them unless they decide to upgrade to a paid account after the trial period ends.


google cloud platform logo


The Google Cloud Storage service offers three different product options that users can choose from according to how extensive their storage needs are. Each option has distinctive features and comes at a different rate, with users paying for the operations they perform and the amount of storage they use. The rates are affordable and the service is cost-effective, but it offers very limited backup options for only one product option.

  • The Standard Storage option allows storage of data that needs low latency access, meaning that it is frequently accessed: the option is the most costly but offers the most availability and can be useful when storing interactive workloads.
  • The second Google Drive Cloud Storage option available is the Durable Reduced Availability Storage plan that provides users with data storage at a lower cost and higher durability but offers less availability.
  • Lastly, the Nearline Cloud Storage option provides both highly available and highly durable storage at a low cost as well as data backup and disaster recovery.

The stored data is instantly accessible through Google Cloud Platform Storage APIs, so data retrieval can occur within seconds. The service is user-friendly and the setup is fairly simple so it is a good option for inexperienced cloud storage customers.

What we like: The service offers affordable rates in a convenient pay-per-usage billing system, a free trial, and a multitude of useful features.

What we don’t like: Backup is only available for the Nearline cloud storage plan.


Rating: (in the form of a star system as many other sites include)

  • Cloud/Backup Features ****
  • Extra Features ****
  • Usability & User Friendliness ****
  • Pricing ****
  • Support ***


Who Should Use Google Cloud?

One of the most important advantages that any Google product or service has is that it is supplied by Google, so it is already synced and integrated with and in other services and products that the company provides. The Google Cloud Storage Service is a great option for customers that are already using Google products since they will have unified services. As the Google Docs tools are still incorporated in the Google Drive cloud storage service, using the Google Cloud Storage free features and space will be more than enough for your basic cloud storage and file synchronisation needs. However, the free Google Cloud Storage space is limited, so users that require larger, more comprehensive storage services and features will have to upgrade to a paid plan.

However, the free Google Cloud Storage space is limited, so users that require larger, more comprehensive storage services and features will have to upgrade to a paid plan.


2. Quick Google Cloud Service Overview


“A Powerful, Simple and Cost Effective Object Storage Service.”


3. Google Cloud Storage Features


Price Storage Allotment Security & Encryption Speed & Performance Restoring Files
Standard Option 2.26¢ / GB / month + free retrieval Pay-per-usage In-flight and at rest data encryption Instant accessibility Instant accessibility
DRA Option

2¢ / GB / month+ free retrieval

Pay-per-usage In-flight and at rest data encryption Instant accessibility Instant accessibility
Nearline Option

1¢ / GB / month + 1¢ / GB retrieval fee

Pay-per-usage In-flight and at rest data encryption Average 3 second response time for retrieval Average 3 second response time for retrieval


4. Google Cloud Company information


Google is one of the most powerful and influential companies at the moment as the Google web browser and search engine are increasingly popular. The search engine was created in 1996 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin after the two had met at Stanford University the previous year. The company has now grown into one of the largest multimedia corporations on the market and is continuously expanding into new research and development fields.


5. Google Cloud Restore Features and Retrieving Files


The Nearline option can provide online data backup and disaster recovery as it is a data-archiving centred service. It is the only option that currently lists the disaster recovery and backup feature for stored data. However, while this option is great for data archiving and cloud backup, it is not a viable option for interactive data and projects.


google cloud storage service screenshot
This is how the initial screen of the Google Cloud service looks like.

6. Google Cloud Security Risk. Is it safe?


As Google Could Storage uses Google servers and networks, it is reliable and relatively secure: all data is encrypted while at rest, as well as when in flight. However, Google Cloud Storage does not use local encryption as compared to Google Drive.


7. Google Cloud Pricing Information


Google Cloud Storage Pricing varies according to the storage option users choose. Customers are charged for using some features and tools and for the amount of usage that they have. There is no minimum usage fee and users are not billed at the end of the free 60-day trial unless they decide to set up a paid account for one of the three existing product options.


8. Google Cloud Support and Additional information


Google Cloud Storage allows users to report bugs and technical problems and offers many tutorials for using the currently available products and features. There is no customer support phone line available but the setup process is fairly easy, and the product is user-friendly and accessible.


9. Google Cloud Alternatives


JottaCloud is a similar cloud storage service that offers unlimited storage and backup at decent speeds. However, it can take considerably longer to upload larger files and it also lacks local encryption. Another viable but slightly pricier alternative is Dropbox which also provides 3rd party integration and has good syncing. On the other hand, it has very poor backup options and very few features.


10. Google Cloud Reviews and Complaints


User feedback for the Google Cloud Storage service is overall positive, but there are some complaints about tech support teams ignoring bug reports from users at the moment, and it is clear that there are apps and tools that still require tweaking every now and then. However, the general consensus is that the platform is reliable, user-friendly, and offers great speed.


11. Conclusion


Google Cloud Storage is a fast, reliable, and straightforward service that offers cost-effective rates and charges no minimal usage fee. It can be a great cloud storage option for users that need a wider variety of features and tools that are easy to utilize. It is not the ideal backup solution and not all product options offer backup and disaster recovery. Google users can integrate the service into their accounts so the product may appeal more to previous Google customers. Overall, it is an affordable, straightforward, and reliable service, but offers limited backup solutions.