Dropbox for Business Review

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Our review of the Dropbox for Business Cloud and Backup services will tell you everything you need to know as a prospective client of this service. You will learn how the service works, what is offered for each fee plan, if users are satisfied and what they say, and so on. Feel free to skip through the review to the points you’re most interested in, by clicking their titles in the content list below.



1. Overall Service Rating


What we like: Dropbox for Business is very user-friendly. It offers great syncing and easy sharing.

What we don’t like: It has limited features, and it does not offer branding capabilities.



  • Cloud/Backup Features ****
  • Extra Features ***
  • Usability & User Friendliness ****
  • Pricing ****
  • Support ***


Who should use Dropbox for Business?


Dropbox only offers two subscription plans:

  • The first one is Dropbox Basic, which is free and provides any subscriber with 2 GB of storage space for free.
  • The second plan, Dropbox Pro, costs $9.99 per month and offers 1000 GB of storage space.

However, companies and businesses wishing to set up multiple licenses and accounts can do so by using Dropbox Business, which requires a minimum of 5 licenses to start a business package. It is ideal for businesses of smaller size that require a simple and cost-efficient cloud storage service with accessible features, file sharing, and synchronization.

For bigger companies there is a Dropbox enterprise option that employs advanced security measures and controls for file sharing and uploads.


dropbox for business logo


2. Quick Dropbox Business Service Overview


Dropbox Business and Dropbox Personal offer a simple cloud storage service that can provide users with easy-to-use file synchronization and 3rd party integrations. Perfecting easy file sharing and a user-friendly interface, Dropbox is a straight forward cloud storage service that is accessible to the less tech-savvy users but accommodates the syncing and 3rd party integration requirements that larger quantities of data may require.

When it comes to companies and businesses, larger, more comprehensive subscriptions are available: Dropbox Business and Dropbox Enterprise are cloud storage service plans designed to cater to companies and their employees.

“Upgrade to Dropbox Business and get the solution that employees love, with the controls that IT admins need.”


3. Dropbox for Business Cloud Storage Features


Price Storage Allotment Security & Encryption Speed & Performance Restoring Files
Dropbox Basic- Free 2GB 265 bit server side encryption Very Good 30 days
Dropbox Pro- $9.99/ month 1 TB 265 bit server side encryption Very Good 30 days
Dropbox Business – $15/ user/ month

Minimum of 5 users required

Unlimited 265 bit server side encryption Very Good Unlimited


The Dropbox Business service is designed to cater to team needs, so the minimum number of licenses you can sign up for is 5. Many Dropbox reviews you can find online will highlight the great file sharing options and efficient synchronization the cloud storage service provides.

Another praise you’ll find in almost every Dropbox review is the simplicity of the service: it has a user-friendly interface that anyone can quickly understand and work with. It’s easy to see why it is a great cloud storage service for companies simply because employees can easily share files, access important documents, and learn how to use the program quickly.

Dropbox Business is focused on catering to enterprise and company needs and offers some extra features that Dropbox Basic and Dropbox Pro accounts do not have. The Dropbox Business pricing is only slightly higher and offers some added perks: managers can remotely wipe files, manage employee accounts remotely, set folder access for each user, and recover files any time.


4. Dropbox Company information


Dropbox is one of the most commonly used cloud storage services on the market and has grown significantly since its inception. It currently has over 275 million clients and continuously works on improving the functionality of its cloud backup service.


dropbox for business work screenshot
This is how the Dropbox for Business service looks like at work.

5. Dropbox for Business Restore Features and Retrieving Files


For individual Dropbox accounts the file recovery time is 30 days which can be problematic for users. Dropbox for Business provides unlimited file recovery meaning that you can retrieve files at any time, regardless of when they were lost. This is a significant improvement companies can benefit from and a vital one at that.


6. Dropbox Business Security Risk. Is it safe?


The Dropbox Business service has military grade data encryption in place, but you can’t choose your own encryption key. Third-party encryption can be used on Dropbox data.


7. Dropbox Business Pricing Information


Dropbox Business pricing depends on the number of licenses you use, but costs average $15 per month per user at a starting package of 5 users – the minimum number required for a Business package. The Pro package Dropbox price is $9.99/ month so companies are encouraged to switch to Dropbox for Business as they can access more features for a relatively small cost increase.


8. Dropbox for Business Support and Additional information


Dropbox for Business has a support page online and the support system is simple and efficient. Team Admins and Team Members are redirected to different pages in order to fill in a trouble ticket. They then receive a response to the inquiry online or via email.


9. Dropbox for Business Alternatives


An equally simplistic and affordable cloud backup service is Backblaze: it offers private encryption and secure backup at a low price. However, it has significantly fewer features than Dropbox and restoring files takes longer.


10. Dropbox for Business Reviews and Complaints


Dropbox for Business is very popular with companies, teams and businesses because of its simplicity. The lack of certain features may discourage some users from choosing Dropbox, so it is a common issue for customers with more advanced cloud storage needs.


11. Conclusion


Dropbox for Business is a reliable, secure cloud storage service that is constantly developing its functionality. Its design is simplistic and it has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to understand and use. It is a cost-efficient cloud storage service that caters to the specific needs of businesses.