Carbonite Backup Review

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In this post, we will be reviewing the Carbonite backup solution, and we will discuss features, company information, backup restore options and how to retrieve files, Carbonite security, as well as pricing, support and other reviews and user complaints. First off, you need to understand that Carbonite backup doesn’t really provide unlimited online backup for businesses, and it’s best suited for those users who have low to average backup needs.

As a business solution inclined towards security and flexibility, is far more powerful. If you’re looking for a NAS backup solution for personal use you should consider looking for something else as Carbonite doesn’t offer this kind of option – it only gives this feature to business accounts. It does provide a easy to understand interface, continuous backup options and mobile apps and ultra-safe security options. Scroll below to read our in-depth Carbonite review.


As of 29.01.2016 Carbonite has decided to discontinue their File Sync and Share feature.



1. Carbonite Backup: Overall Service Rating


What we like: Carbonite back up is aimed at the inexperienced users and it does a pretty great job guiding them. Carbonite pricing is pretty competitive – not the cheapest of the bunch, but still pretty inexpensive. It provides great quintessential features that both beginners and experts can use. Mobile apps available for media playing and file access. Carbonite support is also more than decent.

What we don’t like: There’s no Carbonite free trial so there’s no chance to see if this backup solution suits your needs. Also, it provides the basic sharing and collaboration features. If you want to backup videos, you’ll have to opt in for a pricier subscription. Carbonite online backup can slow down your computer, and it has slow backup speeds. Unfortunately, there is no option to pay month-to-month.



Cloud/Backup Features ****

Extra Features *

Usability & User Friendliness ***

Pricing ***

Support ****


2. Quick Carbonite Backup Service Overview


What is Carbonite? Carbonite is one of the most popular online backup solutions in the industry. It’s also one of the easiest to use as well, with more than decent mobile apps. Carbonite plans vary, thus offering a wide arrange of options for individual, business and enterprise use. However, their subscriptions are quite weird.

Carbonite customer service is decent, bordering good, but there are some users who didn’t have a good experience – we’ll discuss that later on.

In our review, we have found that this service can slow down your computer, and upload speeds aren’t really as advertised – it depends on your location and internet connection, to be frank.


Carbonite Backup Review


Trusted by 1.5+ millio. More than 1.5 million businesses and individuals trust Carbonite with their important files and data.


3. Carbonite Backup Features


Price Storage Allotment
Personal Basic – $59.99 a year Unlimited GB
Personal Plus – $99.99 a year Unlimited GB
Personal Prime – $149.99 a year Unlimited GB
Pro Basic – $269.99 a year 250 GB
Pro Prime – $599.99 a year 500 GB
Server Essentials – $799.99 a year 500 GB
Server Advanced – $899.99 a year 500 GB


*Note: All of the Personal Plans are not aimed to back up Windows Server OS. For this, you have the server pack – you can find a comprehensive list on

Supported OSes: Carbonite for Mac OSX 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 and 10.10, Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.


For Carbonite mobile we have iOS and Android – it’s missing the Windows Phone app, and we don’t know when or if the company will ever launch a WP Carbonite app.

Via the mobile app you can back up photos and preview and download files. It used to be a horrible application, but the company redesigned it from scratch.

Scheduled Backups

You can set a specific time frame when Carbonite can backup your machine. Or, you can let it continuously backup your computer. However, if you have a slow internet connection, or your computer isn’t really advanced, we recommend using a scheduled backup.

No limitations

Carbonite doesn’t have any bandwidth throttles for any of the Basic plans. It used to have, but at the end of 2015 they removed the limitations.

Web Interface

Carbonite has a desktop interface as well as a web one. It’s as clear as its software counterpart, and it’s designed the same. However, via the web interface, users don’t have a file-version choice.


4. Carbonite Backup Company Information


Carbonite data backup service was founded in 2005 by David Friend. The company has won quite a few awards such as Tech Circle Gold and Most Admired Startup. The company claims that it has over 500 billion files backed up.

Carbonite has its main HQ in Boston, Mass. and other offices in Sunnyvale, Calif., Lewiston, Maine, and Viersen and Munich, Germany.


5. Carbonite Backup Restore Features and Retrieving Files


In order to retrieve your data you can just click on Search and Restore and look for what you want to restore. If your hard drive crashed, and you want to restore all of your backed up documents and files, Carbonite offers a wizard to guide you in the process – from there, you can even select a different Windows user account if you happen to have more than one. Set the location where you want the files to be restored and voila.

You can search for specific file extensions via the Search and Restore option if you want to, let’s say, just retrieve .jpgs.

In our tests, it proved to restore everything pretty fast, but it depends on the internet connection you are using, and, of course, how capable your machine is. For data bigger than 100 GB, Carbonite struggled, and we recommend restoring small chunks of data if possible.

The Browse your Backup option will let the user access all of his, or hers, backed up files and folders .


6. Carbonite Backup Security Risk. Is it Safe?


Is Carbonite secure? The service uses 128-bit Blowfish encryption algorithm, which provides plenty security. On the other hand, Mozy and Crashplan both use 448-bit, which is technically better. However, the Carbonite encryption is more than enough – both methods could cost hackers years to decipher.


7. Carbonite Backup Pricing Information


Carbonite for Business is where the subscriptions really shine as they offer automatic cloud backup for unlimited number of machines, NAS & EHD. Support for HIPAA. GLBA and FERPA compliance, as well customer support for software install and setup, and other issues, available 7 days a week. For a detailed list of features, we recommend you take a look at their list on the Carbonite Backup Pricing page.

Opting for the Basic Plans won’t get you some features such as the ability to do mirror image backups or backup external hard drives. Upgrade to Plus or Prime if you need them.

Also, only Prime can automatically backup video, other personal plans don’t have this option. It’s a little bit infuriating as it should have been a standard offering for every subscription.


8. Carbonite Backup Support and Additional Information


Carbonite offers a knowledge base support if you go to the official page.

For the Carbonite phone number you can visit the Contact Us page – for customer support, log into your account in order to see the phone number.

In our test period, we contacted the support team for information and the response time was unbelievably quick. The expertise was good as well, but we, here at CloudStorage101, have a tech affinity. The person we spoke with on the phone wasn’t capable of transposing the steps into layman’s terms.


9. Carbonite Backup Alternatives


Even though Carbonite is a great solution for individual and business use, you may be looking for something else. We recommend you take a look at BackBlaze – read our in-depth review; and Crashplan. Both are fantastic Carbonite alternatives.


10. Carbonite Backup Reviews and Complaints


The consensus of Carbonite reviews is that this online backup solution is quite great, but it lacks some features that make its competitors better. However, there are countless of user complaints noting that the initial backup process takes a lot of time, but once done, everything works smooth as butter.


11. Conclusion


We recommend Carbonite if you don’t need too much storage space for your business, as personal plans are quite fantastic. However, we have to note that there are other great alternatives out there.