BackBlaze Cloud Storage Review


In this BackBlaze Cloud Storage review, we will present a detailed overview of everything there is to know about BackBlaze, for a prospective user. Feel free to click through our list of content directly below to skip through the sections directly to the topics that interest you the most.


1. BackBlaze: Overall Service Rating


What we like: Backblaze really does offer unlimited storage space for a very low monthly fee and is incredibly simple to use.

What we don’t like: The service does not offer mobile synchronisation, so users can’t backup files by using a mobile app.


Rating: (in the form of a star system as many other sites include)

  • Cloud/Backup Features
  • Extra Features
  • Usability & User Friendliness
  • Pricing
  • Support


Who Should Use Backblaze?


Backblaze is a great cloud storage service for users that require a very large storage space and need to work on a budget. It will work well for people who want a simple interface and don’t require complex features from their cloud storage and backup service.

backblaze logo


2. Quick Backblaze Service Overview

Although its simplicity has some disadvantages when it comes to the available options that the service can provide, Backblaze is a very reliable storage service that excels in providing secure off-site data backup and unlimited storage space for a low cost.

Also, its layout is user-friendly and simple to use as you can go on your dashboard and set up the system to operate according to your needs:

  • schedule repeated backups for certain files,
  • activate continuous automated backups,
  • assign the desired bandwidth to data backup processes.

Backblaze does use encryption for all of the users’ files but does not operate its own data centres, so security measures are being ran by a third party as opposed to the service itself. Backing up larger files can take a long time because it depends on the bandwidth allocation that each user provides. However, files can still be accessed by users while they are being backed up. So, it is less troublesome than waiting to finish the required backups.

Backblaze also offers unlimited cloud storage space with no extra charge in case the size of the files users have increases. It provides incredibly inexpensive rates for unlimited storage space with monthly fees starting as low as $5 but lacks some important features that some users might need, including the option of sharing files with other people. Backblaze is focused on successfully backing up files online and recovering or redeeming them, but sacrifices other features to offer cloud storage and backup services for such low rates.

“Cloud storage that’s astonishingly easy and low-cost”, according to BackBlaze users.


3. Backblaze Cloud Storage Features


Price Storage Allotment Security & Encryption Speed & Performance Restoring Files
$5/ month for personal plan Unlimited Private Encryption 337.04 Kilobytes/s Upload speed

1401 Kilobytes/s

Download speed

Restores files lost within last 30 days
$50/year per computer for business plan Unlimited Private Encryption 337.04 Kilobytes/s Upload speed

1401 Kilobytes/s

Download speed

Restores files lost within last 30 days


4. Backblaze Company information


Backblaze was founded in 2007 in the United States and is located in San Mateo, California. It was one of the first providers to offer unlimited cloud storage space and it is still a strong presence in the market because of its low rates and easily accessible service.

backblaze data center photo
Corner photo of one BackBlaze data center.

5. Backblaze Restore Features and Retrieving Files


Retrieving and restoring files can be done by using the service’s product interface, so users can recover files from any location where they have an internet connection available as the service sends them a ZIP file containing their backed up data and places it into their inbox.

Users can also recover files by using the Backblaze Downloader which will work faster for larger files since retrieving data by using the web interface will take a lot longer if the files are significantly bigger.

One disadvantage of the BackBlaze cloud storage service is that users can only recover lost files from as far back as 30 days, but it might be worth dealing with that restriction if you are interested in a simple and affordable system.

However, if you are backing up external hard drive data, you do have to repeat manually the backup process every 30 days. The system will notify you that the information is scheduled for deletion so that you know to back it up again, but it is something that other systems do not require you to do.


6. Backblaze Security Risk. Is it safe?


The Backblaze cloud storage system uses AES encryption on its servers as well as an additional security measure by using local encryption on all of its users’ files. The service provides customers with an individual password of their choosing, required when accessing their backed up files. It also has transit encryption to secure data transfers during file backup and online storage. So, the service has a total of 3 security encryption; thus, no major security breaches have been experienced so far.


7. Backblaze Pricing Information


Low prices are one of the most important selling points for the Backblaze cloud storage and backup service. Although it is a simplistic and straightforward system that lacks some more advanced features, it offers unlimited storage space for very low monthly rates, which makes it very appealing to a large customer base. Both the Personal and the Business plans cost only $5 per month each and offer unlimited storage space for one computer. It’s a very straight forward payment scheme: if you want to back up a second computer, you purchase a second plan for it for the same $5 monthly price tag. If you opt for a longer subscription, the price can go as low as $4 per month (it costs $96 for a two-year plan).


8. Backblaze Support and Additional information


The customer support system is based on email enquiries and reports. Although the system is fairly simple to use and does not require a tech-savvy user to perform the setup, it can take a while for tech support inquiries to get answered. Some users have complained that Backblaze has been slow to acknowledge and resolve bug reports and technical issues. However, no major malfunctions have been recorded so far, and the general user feedback on functionality has been pretty good for this system.


backblaze cloud storage screenshot
Screenshot of the BackBlaze cloud storage service.

9. Backblaze Alternatives


One of the biggest disadvantages for Backblaze users is that the system does not support mobile syncing or file sharing. If mobile app access is something vital for you, Crashplan might be a great alternative at a similar cost which starts as low as $5.99 and offers seeded backup, mobile app access, and free local backups.

Crashplan offers an Individual Plan for a single computer but, unlike Backblaze, it also provides alternatives for simultaneously covering several devices:

  • it has a Family plan that will cover between 2 and 10 computers for a monthly fee of only $13.99 and
  • a Business Plan that offers sharing and syncing for a computer via Shareplan for $10 per month.

All of the plans provided come with unlimited storage space as well, and are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Alternatively, if you are concerned with the backup speed and how the allocated bandwidth can slow it down, you can choose IDrive, which offers incredibly fast backup speeds, free local backups, and a very strong file encryption security system at incredibly low costs.

IDrive actually offers a free 5GB storage space plan and the Personal plan will only set you back $44.62 a year and get you 1 TB storage space. If you want to get their Personal 10TB plan, you’ll pay $374.62 per year but get 10 TB for storage space. None of the plans are limited to one computer. However, IDrive doesn’t have monthly plan options.


10. Backblaze Reviews and Complaints


Most user reviews and feedback concerning the functionality of the service are overwhelmingly positive because the Backblaze cloud storage service is essentially a simple, straight forward system that focuses on providing unlimited secured file backup. Plus, it does it exceptionally well for a very small fee.

Customers that decide to use it as their storage service are willing to overlook the missing features for the convenience of the unlimited storage space, simple interface, and bargain price. Most users agree that even if the backup speed is influenced by the bandwidth allocation, which can be slow at times, this is not a major inconvenience since the files can be used and accessed while they are being backed up.

However, while the service itself has received excellent reviews and feedback, some users have reported communication breakdowns and issues when it comes to email customer support alone. Complaints have addressed delayed responses and long waiting times for tech issues to be solved.

Generally, BackBlaze cloud storage service seems to be working well according to most users and has been described as effective, unobtrusive, and easy to use by inexperienced customers.


11. Final Recommendation


The Backblaze cloud storage service provides affordable solutions for your file backup needs and combines some great features:

  • it offers low monthly rates,
  • a user-friendly and simple interface,
  • top notch security and encryption,
  • unlimited storage space, and
  • overall good performance.


While it does not provide mobile sync or file sharing features that some users may need, it is a great option for simple, secure, and reliable cloud storage and backup. Plans cost $5 a month for each computer and the payment scheme is transparent and easy to understand.

All in all, it is an ideal product for customers that want to back up large amounts of files of any kind for a low cost and need a simple and reliable product to secure their information.

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