Amazon Cloud Storage Review

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This overview of the Amazon Cloud Storage service will allow you to form an idea of how the service works and whether it would be the right choice for you or not. If you need to read more on a specific topic and would like to jump straight to it, feel free to navigate our review through the links collected in the table of contents below.


1. Overall Service Rating:


What we like: Amazon Cloud Drive offers very convenient rates and unlimited storage. The service also provides a great storage option for photos.

What we don’t like: It does not have syncing options and files cannot be automatically backed up.



  • Cloud/Backup Features ****
  • Extra Features **
  • Usability & User Friendliness ***
  • Pricing *****
  • Support ****


Who Should Use Amazon Cloud Storage?


Amazon Cloud Drive is a service that offers unlimited storage at an affordable price, so it caters to most people’s cloud storage needs. It offers two simple and straight forward plans to choose from, both at great rates, so customers from all walks of life can afford a good cloud storage service.

However, because of the lack of automatic backups customers that need to have many large files backed on a regular basis may be put off by the constant manual backups that are required. The lack of syncing options can also prove to be troublesome for users that usually work from several devices or locations. So, if advanced syncing and collaboration features are something you need, it’s likely that you will be unhappy with some of the Amazon Cloud Storage features.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a reliable, truly unlimited cloud service that is straightforward and cheap Amazon Prime Cloud storage could be the way to go.


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2. Quick Amazon Cloud Storage Service Overview


The first thing you notice whenever you go online to look at Amazon Cloud Storage review or forum discussion is that the cloud service has changed its tiered rate system and gone with a simpler approach: they only offer two plans, both straightforward and cost efficient.

It’s likely that the people in charge of Amazon Cloud Drive have realized that their product was at risk of falling behind in the cloud storage service competition as it offered less features than some of its competitors and they decided to make the rates affordable and to offer unlimited storage.

Considering that the Amazon Cloud Storage service has been around since 2011, it’s safe to say that it’s a reliable product backed up by a powerhouse provider, so the changes Amazon has made to its cloud storage service plans may have been very effective in drawing in customers looking for an affordable unlimited cloud storage provider.

“Your digital content, everywhere you are”


3. Amazon Cloud Storage Features


Price Storage Allotment Security & Encryption Speed & Performance Restoring Files
$11.99 a year Unlimited storage for Photos, 5 GB limit for other files 256-bit server side encryption Yes
$59.99 a year Unlimited storage 256-bit server side encryption Yes


Depending on what your actual storage needs are, you could be getting a great deal with Amazon Cloud Storage since it offers unlimited storage in both of its plans.

  • The cheaper plan, Unlimited Photos, only provides unlimited storage for photos and has a 5GB limit for other types of files.
  • The more expensive plan, Unlimited everything, provides unlimited storage for any type of file.

So, if you mostly need to store photos you just found a great cloud storage service to fit your needs but since most customers also need to backup and store other types of files, unlimited storage for anything sound a lot better and still comes at a decent yearly rate of $59.99. If you need a simple,

If you need a simple, straightforward cloud storage service that you can use like you would do a hard drive, Amazon Cloud photo storage is a great option.

You can log into your account by using a web app, a mobile app, or a desktop app and access or upload your files to the cloud from any device. Amazon music cloud storage also permits you to integrate your music player and MP3 files into your cloud storage. Combine this feature with the great photo storage solution and you’ve got a great cloud service for people whose storage needs are focused on media files.

However, the lack of features such as file synchronization, automated backups, collaboration options, and sharing options can be off-putting for customers with more complex file management requirements. Overall, it’s fairly easy to use due to its simplistic interface and offers unlimited storage for affordable rates, but sacrifices many features in order to do so.

amazon cloud storage screenshot
This is how the Amazon Cloud Storage Service page looks like.

4. Amazon Cloud Storage Company information


Amazon is a multinational company that provides a wide range of online services and is one of the largest online operations of its kind. It first released a cloud storage service back in 2011 and has been perfecting it ever since in an effort to keep it competitive.


5. Amazon Cloud Storage Restore Features and Retrieving Files


Amazon Cloud Storage keeps all of your deleted files, so retrieving them is possible. Backups, however, have to be done manually, so it can be tedious to have to do it over and over again.


6. Amazon Cloud Storage Security Risk. Is it safe?


While Amazon uses 256-bit server side encryption on all of its servers the Azan Cloud Storage service is not protected by local encryption. The company has a good track record with security and since it is a powerhouse provider it makes massive investments in data security. However, you can never be 100 % sure that nothing could go wrong. As far as cloud storage services go, Amazon Cloud storage has average strength data security in place.


7. Amazon Cloud Storage Pricing Information


Amazon Cloud Storage pricing is one if the main selling points the cloud service has: at only $11.99 or $59.99 a year, you can get unlimited storage space for photos and 5 GB storage for other files or unlimited storage space for everything. Needless to say it’s a bargain considering competitors that do offer limited storage space plans charge considerably more for them.


8. Amazon Cloud Storage Support and Additional information


Amazon is a multinational company that provides many online services and has been doing so for years so it’s safe to say that it has perfected its Customer Support system by now. Customers can email Amazon with a request, problem, or question and will receive a prompt and detailed answer within 24 hours.


9. Amazon Cloud Storage Alternatives


If you are in need of more features than Amazon Cloud storage offers you, alternative services such as Dropbox or JustCloud might be better suited for you.

Dropbox offers great syncing, sharing and 3rd party integration but has a terrible backup solution and unlimited storage plans cost significantly more.

JustCloud provides great syncing, fast and very secure storage and 1 TB for online backup and cloud storage but has a confusing pricing scheme and it can cost significantly more. JustCloud users have also complained about annoying ads and pop-ups appearing when they used the service.


10. Amazon Cloud Storage Reviews and Complaints


Every recent Amazon Cloud Storage review or debate has been centered on the new rates and the unlimited storage the company offers. The service is basic and lacks many features and options that some cloud storage users might need, but the new changes in the payment scheme and the affordable unlimited storage have made the service more popular. It truly is a great deal if you don’t need much in terms of syncing and sharing.


11. Conclusion


As long as you’re happy with having only the vital features and options, and you need truly unlimited storage space for a bargain price, Amazon Cloud Storage can be a great, straightforward cloud service for you. If you want more features, you can look into other services but you should expect to pay more.